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What is Woodendot?

Woodendot came into being to create furniture, accessories and lighting products using wood as the principal material, a material that brings our designs to life. We design products so that they live in harmony with people, the pivot of our existence.

What is Woodendot Family?

Woodendot Family is our unique free online community where we share our love for design, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Learn more here.

What does woodendot mean?

As you will have realized, all our products are made of wood, they also have a distinctive character and special design, so our name is the combination of two words, wooden and dot.

Where are you from?

We are Spanish, our head office is in Madrid, but all our production is in “Tierra de Pinares” (“Land of Pines”) Valladolid, in the north of Spain. We are very proud that our local, sustainable production can get to all corners of the world.

Why should I buy here?

Our products stand out for their design and functionality. If you buy any of our products you will have a piece that will accompany you all your life. We believe in the idea of “fewer but better”, fewer products but better, not only in quality but also in sustainability.

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