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Our team

Our team

Discover the faces that make Woodendot possible.

Daniel García Sánchez

Co-founder & CEO

Daniel is a product design engineer, passionate about furniture and functional and minimalist interior design born in the town of Iscar, Spain.

He has been playing sports since he was a kid and is currently a CrossFit athlete and plays on a basketball team every week. He is always listening to podcasts or music and is never away from his computer.

Daniel founded Woodendot alongside Maria José Vargas in May of 2012.

Victoria Acosta Borreros

Chief Marketing Officer

Victoria is a creative mind passionate about creating beautiful ways to strategically and visually communicate life-changing projects and products.

Apart from digital marketing, her love for creativity has taken her to also focus on styling and art direction for different brands and to create a podcast about personal growth.

Born in Venezuela, in her free time you can find her spending time outdoors, reading, discovering new restaurants, and seeking new places to travel to.

Paula Serra Hueto

Visual & Graphic Designer

Paula is a graphic designer, with a restless and curious mind. Art and design are essential in her day to day, she's always looking to discover and learn something new.

To relax, she loves a good walk in the fresh air listening to music or spending time with her loved ones.

Raquel Hernández Bermejo

Product Designer

Raquel is a creative and passionate product designer who always strives to create practical and aesthetically appealing solutions. In her leisure time, she enjoys practicing artistic disciplines such as painting and spending time in the countryside with her dog.

Alex Sanchez

Packaging & Logistics Specialist

Alex is a hands-on packaging and logistics specialist, always looking to discover new cuisines and love to spend time outdoors.

Luciano Adorni

Marketing Intern

Luciano is a motion graphic designer ​born in Paraguay with a passion for technology. Searching for what's new and finding new ideas is what inspires him the most.

You are sure to find him searching for new cafes, hidden restaurants, and little spots everywhere.

Nathalia Herrera

Product Design Intern

Nathalia is an industrial design engineer who is passionate about art and photography, especially when she can incorporate these elements into her designs.

Exploring various cultures is her passion, and with Venezuelan origins, she brings a unique perspective to her journeys.