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If you can’t look at your desk because of all the clutter, but the idea of a sterile and orderly workspace is unthinkable, then you will love this, we have designed a wooden desktop organizer that maintains the creative flow. 

The best way to bring organize your desk

Handmade using pine wood of sustainable origin, Kesito consists of three diamond-shaped blocks (two of them with a touch of color). This desk organizer has three possible different arrangements: a row, a hexagon or separately in a reduced size. As a result, Kesito is a compact product that fits on any type of desk, whatever the size.

Kesito Desk Organizer Wooden Pieces
Kesito Desk Organizer Wooden Pieces

Each of its pieces has a different finish, that combined generates an elegant and balanced product. Furthermore, all pieces are made of solid pine wood carefully selected so that the grain and quality are adequate.

Kesito Desk Organizer Wooden Pieces

The block destined for the pens shows the vein and the natural color of the wood. On the other hand, the blocks for cards and clips are finished in a palette of elegant and sophisticated colors such as yellow mustard, and Oxford blue.

Each block has been studied in depth so that in a small space you can store all kinds of utensils commonly used in a workspace like your office. 


Kesito Desk Organizer Wooden Pieces

"I'm very pleased with the product! I enjoy the slick design and character. The customer service has been great all the way through! Great product, great company."

M. Caelers, Netherlands.

"Excellent product, very good materials and details."

M. Lippolis, Italy.

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