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Every day home accessories play a very important role in the interior design of our homes.

We create practical and beautiful home accessories

Home accessories complement the furniture and the decoration of our homes, they have to be dynamic so that they fit in a variety of environments, but at the same time provide a little extra feeling. In addition, these should propose solutions and styling in everyday life.

At Woodendot we create practical and beautiful accessories, where art and functionality are combined, and generating attractive and usable designs. We want our clients to not only have objects that are functional, but that also evoke a positive reaction. With our accessories we intend that a simple daily action, such as lighting a candle, hanging clothes or organizing our office desk, becomes something special and enjoyable.

Our accessories are made with real wood, the best materials and craftsmanship

At Woodendot we create wooden furniture and accessories, therefore wood plays a fundamental role in our products, providing warmth and quality. To accentuate that perception we like to highlight the texture, that is why we usually leave the wood grain visible even in the products with color. We use matte finishes that don’t alter its original appearance. For the manufacture of our products we use solid woods of excellent quality among other materials. The use of this type of wood allows the finishes to be very careful and precise. In addition, they provide a natural and unique beauty, since no two woods are exactly the same.

In our accessories section you can find a variety of products that you can choose according to your needs.

The best wood accessories for your modern design home

The Etna family is made up of sets of wooden candle holders of different sizes and colors, which have a double function. The lit candles generate a warm and romantic atmosphere, when they are off they act as a sculptural object, decorating the room.

Kesito is a desk organizer that will help you increase productivity and give your desk a distinctive style. Thanks to its modules you can create different ways to adopt the client’s needs. This wood desk organizer consists of three types of modules for storing all kinds of office supplies.

Pelican are floating wood shelves. Within the Pelican range we can find three different sizes and five finishes. You choose the one that best matches the style of your home. They have double function, can be used as shelving and as a coat rack, since they have hidden hooks to hang garments and other objects.

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Minimal desk accessories


Shelf with hidden hooks

From 75,00
Valle set of trays decor snacks kitchen
valle set of trays center table decor

Duo trays


Floating smartphone stand


Slim headphones stand


Vertical laptop stand


“Beautiful design, solid material, feels like bringing outside in.”

J. van de Wier


alba m wall shelf decor and storage

Modular wall shelf with hidden storage

From 229,00

Giant candle holder

From 169,00
etna giant candle holders living decor

Giant candle holder

From 169,00

Vertical Apple Pencil stand

furniture design wooden gift card

Something special for someone special

From 50,00

“Minimal design but very effective. Woodendot found the perfect balance between quality of wood, mastering the shapes and the functionality. Even shipment is so fast!”

M. Lippolis


Kesito desk organizer wooden accessories

Desk organizer

From 59,00
Etna mini candle holder set table decor
Etna mini candle holder set table decor

Set of three candle holders


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